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Impact of environmental sensors

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

High temperature sensor caused by coating material melting, solder structure change in culture, internal stress, and so on. For working under high temperature sensor temperature sensor is often used in addition, must have heat, water or gas cooling device.

Effect of dust, humidity sensor short-circuit. This environment under the condition of high airtight of sensor should be used. The way different sensors and the seal is different, it closed there is a big difference.

Common seal with sealant filling or coating; rubber mechanical fastening seal welding (argon-arc welding, plasma welding) and sealed vacuum nitrogen filling.

From seal, seal is the best, worst filling coated with sealant. Sensors for indoor work in clean, dry environment, you can choose to glue sealing sensor, and for some in moist, high dust environment the sensor, select the patch hot sealing diaphragm welded or sealed, vacuum-nitrogen filled sensor.

In high corrosion environments, such as elastomer caused by wet, acid sensor damaged or causing short circuits, effect, select the outside surface is sprayed with plastic or stainless steel housings, corrosion resistance and airtightness sensor.

Electromagnetic field effects on disorder of sensor output signal. In this case, shielded sensors should be rigorously checked to see whether it has good resistance to electromagnetic abilities.

Flammable, explosive and not only caused complete damage to the sensor, but also other equipment and caused a great threat to the security of the person. Therefore, in flammable and explosive working environment sensor put forward higher requirements for explosion-proof performance: in combustible and explosive environment must use explosion-proof sensor, this sensor sealing cover should not only consider its airtight, but also taking into account the intensity of explosion-proof, wire and cable-something waterproof, moisture-proof, explosion-proof, and so on.