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Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Instrument refers to the science and technology used in the experiment, measurement, observation, inspection, apparatus or device, such as a drawing. Is usually prepared for a specific use of a plant or machine. Instruments typically used for scientific research or technology, industrial automation and process control, production and other uses, typically dedicated to a single purpose device or devices. Instrument structure is more complex, which belongs to the high-tech products, made up of multiple parts. Device size, weight, shape, there are a variety of, directly in the hands of the minimum operation, bulky instruments are generally known as the plant or equipment.

Instruments and means for the detection, measurement, observation, calculation of physical quantities, material composition, physical parameters, such as appliances or equipment. Vacuum leak detectors, pressure gauges, measuring instruments, microscopes, multipliers, all belonging to the instrument. Broadly speaking, instruments can have control, alarm, signal and data processing functions.

Instruments can improve, extend or supplement a person's senses. People use the senses to see, hear, taste, touch things external, microscopes, binoculars, sound level meter, pH meter, temperature gauges and other instruments can be improved and expanded one of these faculties. In addition, some instruments such as magnetometers, radiation counts, such as physical quantities that can be felt. Some instruments can also exceed the human capacity to record, calculate and count, such as high-speed cameras, computers and so on.