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Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Instrumentation is a combination of science and technology, a variety of widely used and

And constantly updated, there are several classification methods. By using purpose and uses to points, main has measuring volume instrument, and car instrument, and ionization radiation instrument, and tractor instrument, and ship with instrument, and aviation instrument, and navigation instrument, and driving instrument, and radio test instrument, and building materials test instrument, and earthquake test instrument, and Earth mapping instrument, and hydrological instrument, and timing instrument, and agricultural test instrument, and commercial test instrument, and teaching instrument, and medical instrument, and environmental instrument,. Instruments belonging to the machinery products are industrial automation instruments, electrical measuring instruments, optical equipment, analytical instruments, laboratory instruments and apparatus, materials testing machines, meteorological Oceanographic instruments, movie mechanical, photo-mechanical, photocopying of microfilm machines, instrumentation components, instruments and materials, instrumentation equipment and other 13 categories. They are versatile, large bulk, or necessary for the instrument industry basis.

All kinds of instruments according to different characteristics, such as function, control object, structure, principle and then divided into a number of smaller classes or subclasses. Industrial automation instrumentation functionality right into instrumentation, display instruments, tuning instruments and actuators. Instrumentation by physical quantity to be measured and divided into temperature measurement instruments, pressure gauges, flow measuring instruments, measuring instruments and mechanical measuring instruments etc. Temperature measurement instruments and mechanical measuring instruments etc. Measure temperature measurement instruments can be divided into-contact thermometer and non-contact temperature measuring instrument. -Contacting temperature measuring instruments can be divided into heat, expansion, such as yin. Other types of instrument classification of broadly similar, related primarily to development processes, habits, and classification of the products concerned. Instrumentation in toughened and that there are no uniform standards, instruments named in a similar situation.

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