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Sensors common type

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016


Resistive sensors are to be measured, such as deformation, force, acceleration, displacement, humidity, temperature and other physical quantities conversions into the resistance of such a device. Mainly resistive strain gauge, Piezoresistive, thermal resistance, thermal sensing, gas sensing, humidity-resistance sensors.

Variable frequency power

Frequency power sensor through on entered of voltage, and current signal for Exchange sampling, again will sampling value through cable, and fiber, transmission system and digital volume entered two times instrument connected, digital volume entered two times instrument on voltage, and current of sampling value for operation, can gets voltage effective value, and current effective value, and fundamental voltage, and fundamental current, and harmonic voltage, and harmonic current, and active power, and fundamental power, and harmonic power, parameter.


Weighing sensor is a force of gravity can be converted to electrical signals → electric conversion kit that is a key component of electronic scales.

→ Conversion can be achieved for various sensor, a common strain, electromagnetic force, and capacitance. Electromagnetic force is mainly used for electronic balances, capacitive part electronic hanging scale, and the vast majority of products is used by resistance strain gauge type load sensor. Strain type load cell is rather simple in structure, high accuracy, wide application and can be used in relatively poor conditions. Resistance strain gauge type load sensor in weighing instrument has been widely used.

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