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Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

1, storage and transmission of information-with intelligent distributed control system (SmartDistributedSystem) the rapid development on the intelligent unit requires communication, two-way communication with the communication network in digital form, which is one of the key signs of intelligent sensors. Intelligent sensors by test data or receive instructions to implement the feature. Gain setting and compensation parameters settings, check parameter settings, test data output.

2, since the compensation and calculation functions – for many years engaged in the development of engineers and technicians have been sensor temperature drift and output nonlinear substantial compensation, but not fundamentally solve the problem. Since the compensation and evaluation functions of intelligent sensors for sensor temperature drift and non-linearity compensation has opened up a new path. So, relax the sensor processing and precision requirements, as long as the sensor's repeatable, calculated using the microprocessor test signals through software, with multiple fitting and margin calculation method to compensate for drift and non-linear, so as to get more accurate measurements and pressure sensors.

3, self-test, self-calibration, self-diagnosis function-normal sensor needs periodic inspection and calibration to ensure enough accuracy when in normal use, these jobs generally require a sensor from site demolition sent to a laboratory or inspection department. Online measuring sensor for abnormal delays in diagnosis. Smart sensor is a lot better, first self-diagnosis when power on self-test diagnostic test to determine if the component has no fault. Then use the adjusting time online, microprocessor EPROM compare metrological characteristics in proofreading.

4, compound around sensitive – observation of natural phenomena, common signal audio, optical, electrical, thermal, mechanical, chemical etc. Sensitive element measured two ways: direct and indirect measurements. And the smart sensors have multiple functions, able to measure various physical and chemical quantities, can fully reflect the motion of the material are given information.