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Professional Portable Vibration Calibrator

It can be used easily to calibrate different types of sensors including: charge output piezoelectric (PE) accelerometers

Detailed description

The YE5503 is a portable calibrator for vibration (and related) sensors.
 It can be used easily to calibrate different types of sensors including: charge output piezoelectric (PE) accelerometers, integrated electronics piezoelectric voltage output (IEPE) accelerometers, voltage output accelerometers, velocity transducers etc.
 The YE5503 is small in size and is lightweight. It is a complete, self-contained, portable vibration calibrator which can calibrate transducers without the need for other instrumentation or equipment (like preamplifiers and amplifiers). It also has a rechargeable internal battery, making it suitable for both laboratory measurement calibration and field system calibration.



  • Frequency range:

    •  from 10Hz to 10kHz divided into three bands:

      • 10Hz to 100Hz

      • 100Hz to 1kHz

      • 1kHz to 10kHz

  • Maximum amplitude of acceleration:

    • 50m/s2 in the frequency range 10Hz to 100Hz

  • Amplitude linearity:

    • ±1% under 100 grams of load

  • Signal waveform:

    • Sinusoidal

  • Waveform distortion:

    • <5% under 100 grams of load in the frequency range 30Hz to 2kHz

  • Accuracy:

    • ±3% for acceleration from 30Hz to 2kHz

    • ±1dB for acceleration from 10Hz to 10kHz

    • ±3% for velocity from 30Hz to 2kHz

    • ±3% for displacement from 30Hz to 200Hz

  • Maximum mass of measured transducer:

    • 200g at a vibration level of 9.8m/s2

  • Type of transducers measured:

    • PE: piezoelectric charge output accelerometer

    • IEPE: integrated electronics voltage output accelerometer

    • V: voltage output accelerometer or other voltage output transducer

  • Maximum input:

    • 1000pC for PE accelerometers

    • 1000mV for IEPE accelerometers

  • Power supply:

    • External supply: 105V to 265V(AC) at 50Hz/60Hz with a maximum power of 40W

    • Internal battery: 12V/2.2A rechargeable battery (continuous operating time >4 hours at 9.8m/s2 and 50 gram load)

  • LCD display:

    • 20 character × 2 line Alphanumeric Dot Matrix LCD

  • Weight:

    • 5kg

  • Case dimensions (mm):

    • 360 × 200 × 250

  • Transducer mounting:

    • L5 stud

  • Operating temperature:

    • 0°C to 50°C

  • Storage temperature:

    • -55°C to +85°C

  • Maximum humidity:

    • 95% RH

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