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Characteristics Of Piezoelectric Ceramics

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics with sensitive, extremely faint machinery vibration can be converted to electrical signals, are used in sonar systems, meteorological observation, telemetry, environmental protection, and household appliances. Piezoelectric ceramic force-sensitive it can feel even more than 10 metres away insects flap their wings air disturbance, use it for making piezoelectricity seismograph, accurately measured seismic intensity, indicate the direction and distance of the earthquake. This could be said of the Piezoelectric ceramic is expressed.

Effect of electric field in piezoelectric ceramics under a small amount of deformation and maximum of size of one out of 10,000 in itself, do not underestimate this small change, based on the principle of making accurate control mechanism--piezoelectric actuator, for precision instruments and machinery control, micro-electronics, bio-engineering and other fields is a godsend.

Resonator, filter frequency control devices, is the key to communication device performance device, piezoelectric ceramics has obvious advantages in this regard. Frequency stability, high accuracy and wide application, and small size, does not absorb moisture, long service life, especially in the multiplex communication equipment can improve immunity, making electromagnetic device does not match and face the fate of being replaced.