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Development Of Piezoelectric Ceramics History

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

In 1880, the Curie brothers discovered the piezoelectric effect of tourmaline, thus beginning the history of electricity.

In 1881, the Curie brothers experiments verified the inverse piezoelectric effect, inverse piezoelectric quartz is given the same positive constants.

In 1894, Voigt noted that only 20 without a symmetry point groups of crystals could have piezoelectric, quartz piezoelectric Crystal is a representative, which application was made.

The first world war, heir to the Curie Langevin, first used quartz piezoelectric effect, which made underwater ultrasonic probe for detecting submarines, which opened a chapter in the history of piezoelectric applications.

BaTiO3 ceramics were found in the second world war, piezoelectric materials and its application make epoch-making progress.

1946 United States MIT insulated lab found applying DC high voltage electric field in barium titanate ceramics and its spontaneous polarization along the direction of electric field orientation, after deducting the electric field can still maintain a certain degree of polarization, and give it a piezoelectric effect piezoelectric ceramics was born.

In 1947, the United States on Roberts in BaTiO3 ceramics, applying high-voltage anodizing was obtained of piezoelectric voltage, then Japan active in BaTiO3 ceramics for ultrasonic piezoelectric transducer, high frequency transducers, pressure sensors, filters, resonators and a variety of study on application of piezoelectric devices, such research has been carried out by the middle of the 50 's.

In 1955, the United States B.Jaffe found ahead of BaTiO3 piezoelectricity of PZT piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric devices and greatly advance the applications of research one step further. BaTiO3 time difficult to some of the practical uses, particularly in Piezoelectric ceramic filter and resonator, with the advent of PZT, rapid practical application of surface acoustic wave (SAW) and oscillators, SAW filters, delay line device had also been materialized in the late 70 's.