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Force Sensor Elastic Sensitive Components

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Force Sensor Elastic sensitive components


In a modular strain gage sensor, the elastomeric sensor can be divided into a sensing element and an elastic strain element. The sensing element converts the pressure into force to the most sensitive site of the strain response of the elastic strain element, while the strain gauge is attached to the maximum strain of the elastic strain element. In fact, more complex strain tube and strain beam type belong to this type. Sensory components are diaphragm, diaphragm, bellows, Bourdon tube, flexible strain components are cantilever beam, fixed beam, Π-shaped beam, ring beam, thin-walled tube. They can be combined according to different needs into a variety of types. Strain pressure sensors are mainly used to measure the dynamic or static pressure of the flow medium, such as the inlet and outlet gas or liquid pressure of the power pipeline equipment, the pressure of the internal combustion engine pipe, and so on.

Improve force sensor accuracy - compensation

The temperature will cause the strain gauges (resistors) of the four strain gauges to change in the same direction and extent.

Since the two forward strains and two negative strains are included in the equation, the temperature will not produce an output signal.

The residual residual error can be corrected by connecting to a special nickel metal on the Wheatstone bridge.

In addition, strain gauges require compensation for temperature sensitivity (TCS). When the temperature changes, the E modulus of the material will be reduced, resulting in strain. In addition, the sensitivity of the strain gauge depends on the temperature. The compensation of the resistance at high temperatures will result in a greater pressure drop. This will reduce the output signal of the Wheatstone bridge.

In the load state, the linearity error will also change. This can be done by optimizing the elastomer material and structure and selecting an accurate measurement point.

The summary of the compensation methods is shown. In addition to the TKzero and TCS described above, it is also possible to compensate for linearity and sensitivity by adjusting.

Application areas

The choice of the form of the load cell depends on the type of weighing and installation space, to ensure proper installation, weighing safe and reliable; on the other hand to consider the recommendations of manufacturers, for the sensor manufacturer, it generally provides the force of the sensor Situation, performance indicators, installation form, structure, elastic material and so on.

Such as aluminum alloy cantilever beam sensor for electronic price scale, platform scales, case scales, etc .; steel cantilever beam sensor for electronic belt scale, sorting scales, etc .; steel bridge sensor for rail scale, truck scale, etc .; column Weighing sensor for truck scale, dynamic rail scale, large tonnage hopper scales and so on.

Weighing sensor is mainly used in a variety of electronic weighing, industrial control, online control, safety overload alarm, material testing machine and other fields. Such as electronic truck scale, electronic scales, electronic forklift, dynamic axis scale, electronic crane scale, electronic price scale, electronic steel scale, electronic rail scale, hopper scales, batching scales, canning scales.