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Force Sensor Force Sensitive Device Fixed

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Force Sensor Force sensitive device fixed

The force sensor is based on the principle of the load cell, using two forces to transmit the local force, the internal structure of which the force sensitive device is fixed, the piezoelectric pads are pressed on one side in the central area of the piezoelectric film, The other side of the chip and the edge of the force between the local and close to the piezoelectric film.

    According to the strength and size of different forces to design a different appearance of the force sensor, a S-type force sensor, plate ring force sensor and so on. S-type force sensor is the most common sensor in a sensor, most of which is used to measure the force between the solid and pressure, is also commonly known as the pressure sensor, because it looks like S shape, so habit also Called the S-type force sensor, the advantage is easy to install, easy to use, suitable for hanging scales, batching scales, machine scales and other electronic force measurement system. Plate ring sensor is also the shape of the name of the name, and its advantages are more suitable Large range of work under bad conditions, frequency response characteristics, and many are used in building materials, cement, chemicals, lifting, lifting industry.

    Force sensor classification is more, there are similar to the helix external spiral column force sensor, hook scale sensor, etc., but also the use of a principle, the role of force to produce deformation, so that the physical signal into electrical signals. Because the force measurement form is more, and in order to be more convenient to measure the size of the pressure directly, so the structure of the force sensor has different changes, but the shortcomings of these changes in the different force sensor accuracy is a change in the choice Force sensor, the integrated accuracy and range are the most important indicators.

    The advantages of the column force sensor 1, high precision measurement, compact structure, small size, light weight, good sealing, durable, temporary stability, and other structures of the sensor is incomparable so it is material consumption, working hours consumption is the smallest of

    2, the geometry of the elastomer is simple, the output symmetry is good, the design calculation, the mechanical processing, the disposable disposition is extremely simple.

    3, the sensor rigidity, the natural frequency is high, dynamic response is good, is conducive to dynamic measurement.

    4, is not sensitive to vibration, anti-partial load capacity, the general use of clarity can allow 3g to visit; anti-overload capacity and impact resistance are better than any other structure of the sensor.

    5, the measuring axis of the column sensor coincides with the load direction, low drift, safe and reliable, there is no fixed boundary conditions to its impact and constraints. So the column sensor has a much smaller repeatability error and a hysteresis error than any other sensor.