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Force Sensor Sensors Will Usher In High-speed Development Period

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Force Sensor Sensors will usher in high-speed development period

In recent years, the rapid development of things in the Chinese market, and further boost the demand for sensor products. According to the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute predicted that the next five years, the domestic sensor market compound annual growth of 31%. Automotive, logistics, coal mine safety, security, RFID tag card sensor market growth in the field faster. Security sensor market, the scale of growth and security industry will increase the output value of the synchronization, the second Five-Year Plan China's security industry, an average annual growth rate of 20%; RFID tag card into the market development period, the next five years, an average annual growth of 21%.

    Sensor market size will reach 120 billion

At present, sensors are increasingly used in all areas of social development and human life, such as industrial automation, agricultural modernization, aerospace technology, military engineering, robotics, resource development, marine exploration, environmental monitoring, security, medical diagnosis , Transportation, household appliances and so on. In recent years, the global sensor industry has developed rapidly. In 2008, more than 3,000 sensor manufacturers worldwide total sales of 50 billion US dollars, while the 2010 world sensor market size of more than 80 billion US dollars. With the rapid development of Internet of Things, the domestic sensor industry also ushered in the golden period of development.

According to statistics, by 2015, the overall market size of China's Internet of Things will reach or reach 750 billion yuan, the sensor industry will benefit directly from. In 2010, China's sensor manufacturing enterprises above designated size (annual sales income of more than 5 million yuan) to achieve sales income of 44.027 billion yuan. According to industry experts, since the Chinese sensor market will be steady and rapid development in the Internet of things significant growth in the size of the market under the 2015 China's sensor market is expected to reach 120 billion yuan.

With the support of the policy, China's sensor technology and its industry has also made great progress. The domestic sensor industry has established a Chinese sensitive component and sensor production base under the guidance of the policy of double addition (speed up and accelerate development). At present, there are three major sensor production base in China, namely: Anhui base, mainly to establish force, light-sensitive economies; Shaanxi base, in February 1990 set up a sensitive technology industry group in Shaanxi Province, mainly in voltage-sensitive, Automobile electronics economies of scale as the main target; Heilongjiang base, mainly to establish gas, humidity sensitive economies of scale as the main objective. There are industry experts pointed out that China has a lot of engaged in the production and development of sensors enterprises, as early as the end of 2009, the total output of sensitive components and sensors has reached 2 billion, the sensor products to 10 categories, 42 small class, 6000 Multiple varieties.

Flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors in China's largest market, accounting for the entire sensor market, 21%, 19% and 14%; pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, horizontal sensors have shown mature market characteristics. The future growth of the sensor market is expected to come from emerging sensors such as wireless sensors, microsystems sensors, biosensors. Sensors have entered people's daily work and family life, and have been in the national economy departments and national defense construction has been widely used for China's modernization has made due contributions.