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Instruments Main Category

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jun 30, 2017

Instruments Main Category

Main Category Editor

Instrumentation is a comprehensive product of a variety of science and technology, wide variety, widely used, and constantly updated, there are a variety of classification methods. According to the purpose and purpose of use, the main amount of measuring instrument, automotive instrumentation, ionizing radiation instrument, tractor instrumentation, marine instrumentation, aviation instrumentation, navigation equipment, driving equipment, radio test equipment, building materials testing equipment, seismic testing equipment, Instruments, hydrological instruments, timing equipment, agricultural testing equipment, business testing equipment, teaching equipment, medical equipment, environmental protection equipment. Instruments and equipment for industrial products are industrial automation instruments, electrical instrumentation, optical instruments, analytical instruments, laboratory instruments and devices, materials testing machines, weather marine instruments, film machinery, photographic machinery, copy microfabrication machinery, instrumentation components , Instrumentation materials, instrumentation equipment and other 13 categories. They are versatile, larger in bulk, or the foundation necessary for the instrumentation industry.

All kinds of instruments according to different characteristics, such as function, detection control object, structure, principle, and so divided into several sub-categories or sub-categories. Industrial automation instrument by function right into the detection instrument, display instruments, adjust the instrument and actuators. Which detected the instrument according to the measured physical volume is divided into temperature measuring instruments, pressure measuring instruments, flow measurement instruments, level measuring instruments and mechanical measuring instruments. Temperature measuring instruments and mechanical quantity measuring instruments. Temperature measuring instruments according to the measurement method is divided into contact temperature measurement instruments and non-contact temperature measurement instruments. Contact-type thermometer is divided into thermoelectric, expansion, and so on. Other types of instrumentation classification is similar, mainly with the development process, the use of habits and related products on the classification. Instruments in the sub-100 into the steel there is no uniform standard, instrument naming there is a similar situation.

Common types

Chromatographic instruments as a basic and important instrument in the analysis of a large category, a wide range of applications, a high degree of popularity,

Has been one of the focuses of analytical instrument users and manufacturers.

Environmental monitoring equipment is designed for the monitoring of indoor and outdoor environmental parameters of the general term, through the impact of environmental quality factors on the determination of the representative value to determine the environmental quality or pollution level and its changing trend.

Molecular spectroscopy, including UV-visible, molecular fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, spectral image technology, is commonly used in laboratory analysis tools. With the progress of hardware and software technology, molecular spectroscopy instrument technology is also continuous improvement, has become a solution to a variety of molecular analysis of technical problems effective means. Its application areas are also expanding, especially in food safety, drug testing and life sciences and a variety of rapid analysis of the field play an increasingly important role.

The development trend of molecular spectrometer technology is mainly to miniaturize and increase its stability, from laboratory analysis to field detection; research and analysis methods to broaden its application areas, but also the current molecular spectrum important development direction. In addition to the progress of technology, the operation of simple and convenient requirements also brought the intelligent development of the instrument, large color touch screen and Tablet PC to join also increased the user's operating experience.

Electrochemical analysis is an important part of instrumental analysis, together with spectral analysis and chromatographic analysis, constitute three important pillars of modern analytical instruments. Electrochemical analysis of high sensitivity and accuracy, good selectivity. Electrochemical instrument device is relatively simple, easy to operate, widely used.

Electrochemical analysis contains rich content, has recently established a relatively complete theoretical system.