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Manufacturing Technology Of Piezoelectric Ceramics

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Dosing: the material pre-treatment, removal of tide, then according to the formula weighing a variety of raw materials, attention to small amounts of additives should be placed in the middle of aniseed.

Second, blend finely: the aim is to mix a variety of raw materials mill, fully prepared by solid state reaction to burn conditions. General methods of dry grinding and wet grinding. Small batches can be dry, stirring ball mill can be taken in large quantities, or air jet pulverization method is more efficient.

Third, the burn: aims at high temperatures, the raw material for solid-phase reaction, synthesis of Piezoelectric ceramic. this procedure is very important. Will directly affect the sintering condition and performance of the final product.

SI、erci fine grinding: the aim is to burn fine vibration of a Piezoelectric ceramic powders mixed ground, laying a solid foundation for porcelain homogeneous properties.

Five, granulation: the aim is to make liquid particles of the powder forming high density. Method can be done by hand but is less efficient, and effective method is the use of spray granulation. This process added binder.

Six, forming: the aim is to make the material to form the desired particle size of prefabricated dimension blanks.

Seven, the rows of plastic: the aim of granulation Binder when removed from the rough.

Eight, burnt into porcelain: rough sealed sintered at high temperature porcelain. This part is very important.

Nine, form processing: cooked products processing mill to the desired finished dimension.

Ten, electrode: requires conductive electrodes on the ceramic surface. Permeability and an ordinary silver layer chemical deposition and vacuum coating.

Third, high-voltage polarization: the ceramic internal domains aligned, so as to make the ceramic piezoelectric properties.

12, aging test: ceramics after stable performance measurement indicators to see if it achieves the desired performance requirements.