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Physical Mechanism Of The Piezoelectric Properties

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

After polarization of bound charge appears on both ends of the Piezoelectric ceramic, adsorbed on the electrode surface with a layer of free of charge from the outside world. When you put a pressure on the ceramic f, discharges can occur at both ends. Contrary to pull for charging phenomenon. This mechanical effect into effect would occur within the piezoelectric effect.

In addition, the properties of piezoelectric ceramics with spontaneous polarization, and the spontaneous polarization can occur under the influence of external electric field changes. So has the piezoelectricity of dielectric and electric field will change as shown in the figure, Piezoelectric ceramic can appear distorted. However, the deformation of piezoelectric ceramics may have, because when, together with spontaneous polarization when the same electric field, the equivalent of enhanced polarization. Increasing polarization of Piezoelectric ceramic plate along the polarization direction. Conversely, if the reverse electric field, ceramic shortened along the polarization direction. This electric into mechanical effect is the inverse piezoelectric effect.