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Piezoelectric Ceramics Inorganic Piezoelectric Material

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Piezoelectric Ceramics Inorganic piezoelectric material

1. The direct current or alternating current generated by piezoelectric ceramics? In addition, does it refer to piezoelectric polycrystals?

Piezoelectric ceramics produce direct current, not alternating current. In addition, it belongs to inorganic piezoelectric materials, and this kind of material can be divided into piezoelectric crystal and piezoelectric ceramics. Piezoelectric crystals, which generally refer to piezoelectric single crystals, and piezoelectric ceramics, are generally referred to as piezoelectric polycrystals, so in question 2, the answer is yes.

2. Piezoelectric ceramic P8, what does it mean?

Piezoelectric ceramic P8, in particular, refers to this ceramic, which is for high power. In addition, we should also know that P4 refers to receiving and receiving attention. The P5 refers to test drive, P6 means high stability, P7 means high frequency and lead titanate. Moreover, there is a certain standard for nomenclature, which is described above, which is the general meaning of its unit.

3. The voltage and current generated by the piezoelectric ceramic on the lighter, how much is it?

Lighter on piezoelectric ceramic, it is by force, to make its deformation, in turn, to the instantaneous voltage and current, and its on the concrete numerical value, it is as follows: the voltage produced by piezoelectric ceramics, its scope is for 4000-6000 - v, but also tens of thousands of volts. The current produced is relatively small, only a few microamps.

4. What are the dielectric properties of piezoelectric ceramics?

The dielectric properties of piezoelectric ceramics are represented by the dielectric constant epsilon 0, and the corresponding degree of the external electricity of ceramic materials is expressed. If the field is not very large, then the response of its dielectric to the electric field is linear, which is a straight line.

Piezoelectric ceramics, the resulting voltage, can light leds or small beads?

Produced by piezoelectric ceramics, its voltage, generally is small, can only achieve microamps level, and the light emitting diode or flashlamp, its voltage and current is 2.5 V / 0.02 A, so, we can find that, it is not, is that, on this issue, the answer is to can't.

Are the piezoelectric switches and piezoelectric ceramics, these two, have something in common?

Piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric switches, these two, have something in common, so on this question, the answer is yes. Because, they are both pressure and electrical signals interchangeover. Instead, piezoelectric ceramics are used to convert electrical signals into pressure vibrations to occur, while piezoelectric switches turn the pressure into electrical signals.