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Piezoelectric Ceramics Very Good Insulation

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Piezoelectric Ceramics Very good insulation

What is the advantage of piezoelectric ceramics

What is the advantage of piezoelectric ceramics? What is the advantage of piezoelectric ceramics? And it can also be made into a different pattern, décor home, office background. Innovative ceramic enterprises have developed a very representative product for this purpose, these products have light, high strength, insulation, heat insulation, energy saving, sound absorption, moisture, the release of negative ions, learn from formaldehyde and so on. At the same time it is very light material, its weight is half the weight of traditional tile stone.

    Extra, foam ceramic insulation board is purely non-burning, but also very light, can be produced in the appearance of different patterns and colors to Haobo space. In addition to waterproof can also be anti-corrosion, the intensity is also very high, the mission is very safe, can also be widely used in the theater, auditorium and so on. Here are a few examples:

    The first is a piezoelectric ceramic. In response to this point, ceramic enterprises will be exposed to the release of the tiles, it can learn from humidity. And compared with the wallpaper and wood flooring, tile products and then affect the impact of half. Its thermal insulation capacity is also surprisingly strong, the thermal conductivity coefficient of only 10 percent of traditional products, can play a very good insulation, heat insulation effect.

    The second is functional products, adiabatic emerging materials. This product can play a role in regulating air humidity. There is a hole in the tiles, and the sound can go out of the cave. South air humidity is great, there will be a lot of water on the wall and on the ground. The third product is the breathtaking tiles of breathing tiles. This material also has a lot of wind pressure capacity, you can Bingzhi 10-12 typhoon impact. While the seismic capacity is also very strong, you can fight the 9 earthquake, the mission can reach 100 meters high.

   Now whether it is commercial real estate, still residential real estate, and now the requirements of the product function is getting higher and higher. A little tiles with a new sound-absorbing effect, placed in the ordinary theater multi-function hall, the effect of home theater is enough to meet the standard. The appearance of its tiles can be done and the same sandstone is the same, the color is very vast, can be made very beautiful decorative painting. Make this product, the wall and the ground will not have so much water drops. Piezoelectric ceramics in the electronics industry can use electricity, magnetic properties of ceramics, known as piezoelectric ceramics. Piezoelectric ceramics is through the surface, grain boundary and size structure of the precise control and eventually get a new function of the ceramic. In energy, household appliances, automobiles and other aspects can be widely used.

The development of piezoelectric ceramic materials is closely related to the development of physical chemistry, applied physics, silicate physical chemistry, solid physics, optics, electrical engineering, acoustics, radio electronics, etc., which promote each other and thus leap in electronic technology In the development, the piezoelectric ceramics has also made great progress accordingly.

Piezoelectric ceramics according to the function and use can be divided into five categories: insulation device porcelain, ceramic capacitors, ferroelectric ceramics, semiconductor ceramics and ion ceramic.