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Piezoelectric Materials

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Pressures on both ends when the voltage between crystalline material. In 1880, France physicist p. Curie and J. Curie brothers discovered that put the weights on the quartz crystals, Crystal surface becomes electrically charged, electric charge proportional to the pressure. This phenomenon is called the piezoelectric effect. Then, Pierre Curie brothers discovered the inverse piezoelectric effect piezoelectric experience deformation under external electric field. Pressure electric effect of mechanism is: has pressure electric sex of Crystal symmetric sex lower, dang by forces occurred deformation Shi, Crystal cell Chiang Kai-shek anion of relative displacement makes are negative Center no longer coincide, led to Crystal occurred macro polarization, and Crystal surface charge surface density is equal to polarization strength in surface method up of projection, so pressure electric material by pressure role deformation Shi ends surface will appeared different, charge. Conversely, when a polarized electric field piezoelectric materials, will charge Center displacement of material deformation.

These characteristics can be realized using Piezoelectric materials mechanical vibrations (waves) and AC conversion. Piezoelectric materials are widely used in sensors, such as seismic sensors, measurement of force, velocity and Acceleration components, and electro-acoustic sensors. Those materials are widely used, cite a life example, lighter sparks that is using this technology.