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Sensors According To Certain Rules

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Sensors According to certain rules

The sensor is used in the industrial area is very extensive, you want to have a better understanding of the sensor? If you do not know how to use the sensor when used, or do not know the definition of the sensor, then we see how the engineers introduced the definition of the sensor The

National standard GB7665-87 on the definition of the sensor is:

A device or device that can be sensed to be measured and converted into usable signals in accordance with certain rules, usually consisting of sensitive elements and switching elements. The sensor is a kind of detecting device which can feel the information to be measured and can transform the information which is sensed into the information signal or other necessary information output to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, Display, record and control requirements. It is to achieve automatic detection and automatic control of the primary link. Today, high-tech sensor technology is slowly being developed in the days of everyone. Perhaps many people do not understand what the sensor is when the sensor has quietly given a great day to help. You may not know that we can not leave the sensor before the day, not so obvious you can see. Household appliances will basically use the sensor, we all communicate in the same thing is not short of the sensor.

Often driving people often have such a lament, the slope from the car, a careless step on the throttle, rushed in; but the throttle is small, and will show the phenomenon of slip car Recently, an electronic exhibition in Shenzhen, the mysterious Sensor technology is also used in the car, through the sensor to provide the data, the driver can easily grasp the speed of the car. The high-precision digital output tilt sensor and acceleration sensor show the face of each show, so that high-precision and high-tech sensors in a very mysterious, often sophisticated electronic sought-after.

A red car model on a certain electronic trading platform is particularly noticeable. When the front of the car is lifted, there are two dials on the rear of the car that are rolling fast, and there is a tilted view of the car. One is based on the tilt point of view to calculate the car drive demand speed. This tilt sensor can automatically calculate the slope of the point of view, to complete the pilot to accurately calculate the slope from the speed. The sensor accounting slope from the speed of only one aspect, which also includes the electronic brake system, anti-lock system, body control, anti-tipping control, somersault check the sensor, anti-vibration and so on. The future of the public car installed on such a system, the body will be an excellent safe control, once the rollover, tipping, inertia is too large and other risks, the system will prompt the driver, can greatly reduce traffic accidents The attack.