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Sensors Continue To Grow Steadily

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Sensors Continue to grow steadily

Investment with sensors will present a substantial increase, the industrial sector to save raw materials, reduce energy consumption, improve product quality and improve labor productivity and economic benefit, will need of industrial control sensors, in order to realize the transformation of traditional industries, especially the "western development" project in our country starting will pull sensor demand growth significantly.

Consumer use sensors will continue to stable growth momentum, "15" period, household electrical appliances will be popular in the countryside, in the heart of the urban families into the renewal period, high-grade household electrical appliances and a new generation of household, office demand information product, determine the momentum of the prosperity of the consumer market.

The sensor is affected by the requirements of the whole system, but it can also promote the development of the whole system. The sensor is the entrance of the system to obtain information. In other words, it serves the whole system. Its demand must be pulled or restricted by the whole system. A new sensor appears, and a new machine and a new system emerge. First in the world, for example, in 1967 successfully developed a glucose sensor, but there is no development because of its signal processing analysis judgement and be practical, until in 1976 the American YSI companies developed glucose meters, just opened up a glucose sensor market, so the sensor market development should be extended to the development of the whole system.

The product structure of the sensor market will be developed to increase the proportion of investment products, among which the agricultural, environmental protection, medical and health and food inspection sensors are the vast new market.

Sensor market space will expand, supply and demand relationship will show diversified fair competition, and will gradually realize "online order" transaction. When our country joins WTO, the market competition will be intensified. To strengthen technological innovation, optimize product structure, highlight key points and accelerate development is a development strategy that must be adopted.

Market oriented, closely track the trend of digital and networked technologies, optimize the structure of supporting sensitive components and sensor products.

To strengthen overall planning, we should pay attention to the introduction of competition mechanism, play a positive role in all aspects, and rationally allocate resources to avoid duplication of construction.

We will continue to pursue scientific and technological development, strengthen technological innovation, and improve our capacity for technological innovation and independent development. We will focus on the industrialization of research results of independent development and self-owned intellectual property rights, and cultivate a number of enterprises with international competitiveness and the development and production basis of key products.