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Sensors Detection Device

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Sensors Detection device

The sensor is a very widely used detection device, such as industrial automation, agricultural modernization, aerospace technology, military engineering, robot technology, environmental monitoring, security, medical diagnosis, transportation, household appliances, etc., it can feel the measured Information, and can feel the information, according to certain rules into electrical signals or other forms of information required to meet the information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control requirements. With the miniaturization, digitalization, intelligent, multi-functional, systematic, network requirements, the sensor is also toward the small, fast, spirit and other direction, I hope that the future of these three areas will be large Put splendor.

According to the leading domestic intelligent product development outsourcing service platform fast package large data show that the sensor task accounted for 2016 in the first half of the fast package development demand ratio of 8%, which based on wearable, intelligent medical, industrial control three areas of application development needs Accounting for 80% of the entire sensor development, the future of industrial control applications on the sensor demand will be great. In 2012, in the "Industrial Internet: Breakthrough in the boundaries of wisdom and machinery" report, through the smart sensor will be man-machine connection, combined with software and large data analysis, can break through the physical and material science constraints, and will change the world's operation the way. The report also pointed out that through the deployment of industrial Internet, the industry can achieve 1% efficiency, 15 years, the energy industry will save 1% of the fuel (about 66 billion US dollars). In January 2013, a new battery manufacturer in New York installed more than 10,000 sensors to monitor the production of temperature, energy consumption and pressure data, and factory managers can access the data through the iPad, so that the production To supervise. The Ultrasonic Weather Station combines seven sensors to provide first-class weather monitoring information for industrial production, providing reliable information for the prevention of disaster events, thereby improving efficiency, reducing and overall costs.