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Sensors New Sensor

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Sensors New sensor

Technical characteristics

China's sensor industry is in the traditional stage from the traditional to the development of new sensors, it reflects the new sensor to miniaturization, multi-functional, digital, intelligent, systematic and network development of the general trend. Sensor technology after years of development, the development of its technology can be divided into three generations:

The first generation is a structural sensor, which uses structural parameters to change and feel the signal changes.

The second generation is the solid sensor developed in the 1970s, this sensor by the semiconductor, dielectric, magnetic materials and other solid components, is the use of certain characteristics of the material made. Such as: the use of thermoelectric effect, Hall effect, photosensitive effect, were made thermocouple sensors, Hall sensors, photosensors.

The third generation of sensors is just developed after the intelligent sensor, micro-computer technology and detection technology is a combination of products, so that the sensor has a certain artificial intelligence.

Sensor technology and industry characteristics

Sensor technology and its industry characteristics can be summarized as: the basis of the application of two dependent; technology, investment two intensive; products, industry two scattered.

Basis, application of two attached

Basic attachment, refers to the development of sensor technology attached to the sensitive mechanism, sensitive materials, process equipment and measurement technology of these four cornerstones. Sensitive mechanisms vary widely, a variety of sensitive materials, different process equipment, measurement technology is very different, not the support of the four cornerstones, sensor technology unsustainable.

Application dependency refers to the sensor technology is basically applied technology, its market development depends more on the detection device and automatic control system applications, in order to truly reflect its high efficiency and the formation of a real market. That is, the development of sensor technology to market-oriented, the implementation of demand traction.

Technology, investment two intensive

Technology-intensive refers to the sensor in the development and manufacturing process of technology diversity, edge, comprehensive and technical. It is a variety of high-tech collection products. Due to technology-intensive natural requirements of talent-intensive.

Investment-intensive refers to the research and development and production of a certain sensor products require a certain degree of investment strength, especially in the engineering research and the establishment of economies of scale production line, but also requires a larger investment.

Products, industry two scattered.

Product structure and industrial structure of the two scattered refers to a wide variety of sensor products categories (a total of 10 categories, 42 small categories of nearly 6,000 varieties), its application to penetrate into various industrial sectors, its development both the development of the industry's driving force , And strongly dependent on the supporting role of the industry. Only in accordance with market demand, and constantly adjust the industrial structure and product structure, in order to achieve the sensor industry's comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.