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Sensors The Form Of The Sensor Is Installed

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Sensors The form of the sensor is installed

S-type tension sensors in our industry is very extensive use, and in our work also improve the work efficiency, if you are not very understanding of the S-type tension sensor, then we have to S-type tensile sensor to There is a certain understanding and understanding, so that we can work in the smooth work, then, S-type tensile force sensor installation and working principle, then, we look at the Shenzhen Power Testing Technology Co., Ltd. engineers are How about it?

S-type tension sensor is the most common sensor in a sensor, mainly used to measure the tension between the solid and pressure, GM also known as the pull pressure sensor, because its shape like S shape, so it is also known as S Type sensor, this sensor is made of alloy steel, rubber seal protection treatment, easy installation, easy to use, suitable for hanging scales, batching scales, machine scales and other electronic force weighing system.

The sensor is based on the principle that the elastomer (elastic element, sensitive beam) is elastically deformed under external force so that the resistance strain gauge (switching element) attached to his surface is also deformed with the deformation of the strain gauge. Value will change (increase or decrease), and then the corresponding measurement circuit to convert this resistance into electrical signals (voltage or current), thus completing the external force into the process of electrical signals.

This form of tension sensor installation in the form of a fixed base sensor installation, the installation of the sensor will be placed in the wireless hook scale three fixed stents. Therefore, the use of the temperature range of change is not large, the advantage is to improve the stability of the scale body, and easy installation and commissioning. In the load cell installation should also pay attention to:

1, in order to prevent high current flowing through the sensor, should be installed between the sensors short circuit, to prevent accidental high current flow and burn it. Even so, in the need for large from the welding when the best electronic checkweighing is to remove the pressure sensor, until the end of the load sensor will be installed.

2, ball and other moving parts should be kept sliding, there should be no stuck, rust and so on.

3, the indenter should be made of 20mm thick chrome steel, the bottom of the indenter should be processed into a circular arc, the radius should be more than 3 times the radius of the sensor dome, and should be heat treatment to increase the hardness of the indenter. Fixing plate made of steel 45, the thickness of not less than 20mm, the installation of the level should not exceed ± 0.5 °. Rally sensors are used in our industry very broadly and in our work also improve the work efficiency, if you are not very understanding of the tensile sensor, then we have to have a certain understanding of the tension sensor and understanding , So that we can work in order to smooth the work, then, pull the sensor installation and use of what? Next, we look at the Shenzhen Power Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is how to introduce the engineers?

The tensile force sensor is a resistive strain type, which is a rugged, durable and reliable sensor product. In order to ensure its accuracy, in the installation and use of the process still have some problems need attention, the following brief introduction.

1, pull the sensor to gently, especially for the use of aluminum alloy as an elastomer small capacity sensor, any vibration caused by the impact or fall, are likely to cause a large output error.