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Sensors The Role Of Machinery Manufacturing Equipment

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Sensors The role of machinery manufacturing equipment

The role of the sensor in the machinery manufacturing equipment

In the machinery manufacturing equipment, the sensor technology is to achieve an important part of testing and automatic control. In the mechanical manufacturing equipment testing system, as a instrument positioning, its main feature is the ability to accurately transmit and detect a certain form of information, and convert it into another form of information.

Specifically, the sensor refers to those who have a certain information on the measured object has a feeling (or response) and detection function, and make it in accordance with a certain law into the corresponding output signal of the components or devices. If there is no sensor on the measured original information for accurate and reliable capture and conversion, all accurate testing and control will not be achieved; even the most modern electronic computer, there is no accurate information (or conversion of reliable data), without distortion Input, it will not be able to fully play its due role.

In the application of machinery manufacturing equipment, the main features of high-quality sensors are reflected as follows:

Long life, high reliability, anti-interference ability;

Meet the accuracy and speed requirements;

Easy to use, suitable for machine operating environment;

low cost;

Easy to connect with the computer.

Cutting process and machine tool operation process of sensing technology

The purpose of the cutting process is to optimize the productivity of the cutting process, the manufacturing cost, or the removal rate of the (metal) material. The cutting process of the detection of the target cutting process of cutting force and its changes in the cutting process of shock, the tool and the workpiece contact and cutting the chip state and cutting process identification, and the most important sensor parameters cutting force, Cutting process vibration, cutting process acoustic emission, cutting process motor power.

For the operation of the machine in terms of the main sensor detection target drive system, bearing and rotary system, temperature monitoring and control and safety, and its sensing parameters of the machine downtime downtime, the surface roughness of the workpiece And processing accuracy, power, machine status and cooling the flow of lubricating fluid.

At present, the world economic situation as a whole is still in a slow recovery stage. From 2011 onwards, the global sensor market continued to maintain a low growth rate of about 5%, is expected to 2017 the market capacity of more than 76.7 billion US dollars. At the same time, on the other hand, due to the common development of Internet of Things and the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, in recent years, China's sensor market has developed more than 15% annual growth rate, wireless sensors, MEMS sensors, biosensors and other new types of Product has become an important growth hot spot. In addition, in the industrial automation control, automotive electronics, aerospace and other fields of expertise, along with industry users on the increasingly high level of intelligent requirements, some of the more mature test / measurement sensors are also facing strong Of the market demand, including the force sensor / torque sensor, and multi-axis force / torque sensor.