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The Principle Of Piezoelectric Ceramics

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

First look at a new type of bicycle shock controller, General shock absorber is difficult to achieve a smooth effect, which ACX damping controller by using piezoelectric material, provided the first continuously variable damping function. A sensor monitoring at a rate 50 times per second the movement of the piston, piston fast motion, usually for driving on uneven ground caused rapid shock, maximum cushioning where you need to start; if the piston movement is slow, it means that the pavement level, simply use less cushioning. Fully Shang by v: pressure electric ceramic is vector conversion material force--->; electric electric--->; force 1 times force electric into, typical application: pressure electric ignition, weighing sensing 1 times power conversion: brake, implementation device electric-->; force--->; deformation--->; vibration----Sonic-->; electric sound-->; ultrasound, deformation--->; displacement-->; detection electric->; force-->; electric, pressure electric transformer and so on ~ can said, pressure electric ceramic although is materials, is quite civilians sex. It is used in high-tech, but much more in life to serve, to create a better life. Piezoelectric ceramic raw materials including lead and other toxic substances. The next phase of lead-free Piezoelectric ceramic and piezoelectric ceramics at low temperature is the direction of development.