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The Use Of Piezoelectric Ceramics

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 18, 2016

1, sound converter, sound converter is one of the most common applications. Like pickups, microphones, headphones, buzzer, ultrasonic sounding instruments, sonar, materials, Piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic flaw detector can sound converter. Such as children's toys on the buzzer is current through the vibration of the Piezoelectric ceramic piezoelectric, and a human ear can hear sound. Piezoelectric ceramics via electronic lines controls can produce different frequencies of vibration, thus making different sounds. For instance electronic music greeting cards, is to communicate through the inverse piezoelectric effect converts audio signals sound signals.

2, piezoelectric igniter since the invention of tanks of the British forces in the first world war, and for the first time in France in the battle of the Somme and battered after German tanks repeatedly flexed their muscles in a battle. In the sixties or seventies of the 20th century, however, due to the invention of anti-tank weapons, tanks lost its former glory. Anti-tank gun and armour-piercing contact tank, soon exploded, blown to pieces by the tank. This is because the warheads equipped with piezoelectric ceramics, it can touch the powerful mechanical force into moments of high voltage sparks and detonated explosives.

3, piezoelectric lighter gas, made of a new type of electronic lighters, is to use piezoelectric ceramics. As long as pressing fire button with your finger, piezoelectric ceramics on the lighter you can generate high-voltage, forming an electric spark ignited the gas, you can use for a long time. Piezoelectric lighter is not only easy to use, safe, reliable, and long life, such as a lighter made of titanium-lead-acid, lead-free piezoelectric ceramics using more than 1 million times.