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Velocity Sensor Anti-jamming Capability

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

Velocity Sensor Anti-jamming capability

The choice of this speed sensor mainly takes into account two factors:

1. Far away from the detection range: Alice in the movement sometimes have a certain vibration, the sensor needs a certain detection distance to ensure that the measured part of the skew can not be due to vibration from the detection area or hit the sensor damage.

2. Moderate dimensions: Normally, the speed sensor is measured in proportion to the volume. For 40mm detection distance, 40 * 40mm detection side of the square shell size is very appropriate.

In addition to the selection of the main parameters, but also taking into account the more details to the site conditions and appropriate, so that the sensor and the scene environment, equipment, more matching.

First, the attenuation of the detection distance. (The size of the standard test object is 3 times the rated detection distance, in this application, the standard size should be 120 * 120mm), the size of the measured part is slightly smaller than the size of the standard test object ), So there will be a certain degree of attenuation, the above models in this area done more excellent, minimal attenuation.

Second, the scene anti-jamming capability. This is a problem that can not be ignored. Ordinary inductive sensors are easily interfered by motor or inverter. Many technicians only select the corresponding strong anti-electromagnetic interference sensor for applications nearby. But in the car manufacturing workshop, plant large, on-site technical staff used to use the walkie-talkie communication, especially when walking with a walkie-talkie dialogue, will inadvertently close to the sensor, resulting in a brief failure. The sensor company is very concerned about the KJT series of products in this regard, to enhance its overall electromagnetic compatibility, to avoid causing malfunctions.

Moreover, the installation side. With the popularity of inductive sensors, sensors not only in terms of electrical performance has improved, the mechanical aspects of the design more and more humane. In this application, the C40 inductive sensor sensing surface can be easily adjusted to 5 directions. Without any tools to help, do not cut off the power supply, output plug-in, just by manual operation can be. The installation of different detection directions to provide a convenient use, the greatest degree of realization of the human installation. Reduced stocking of multiple similar products and reduced installation and maintenance time.

Finally, the stability of the operation of the protection. KJT has IP67 protection level, in the use of the depot, put an end to any oil, dust erosion. In addition, the vibration is tracked, the vibration is long-standing, KJT excellent anti-vibration is also in this application has played a very important role.