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Velocity Sensor Change The Size Of The Resistance

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Velocity Sensor Change the size of the resistance

The so-called adjustable potentiometer is a resistance can be changed by external force to the size of the rheostat. How much change in resistance, resistance change speed, resistance changes in the level of accuracy, the total resistance of the number of ohms, these parameters are dependent on the level of adjustable potentiometer product level. At present, our country's independent production of adjustable potentiometer can be said to achieve a dramatic change.

Why is there a dramatic change? Potentiometer This product is actually very simple, a few people can produce, 200 people can produce, but the potentiometer to produce this product is no problem, the quality has been stable so depends on the production of potentiometer manufacturers is not the ability to introduce new And improve the management process. Our country's potentiometer development to the present is a certain level of improvement. From the structure of the potentiometer analysis; potentiometer key components from the axis, sleeve, shell, moving film, brush, carbon, the composition of the terminal.

Axis, sleeve, shell, terminals are metal stamping materials, moving film is plastic, this is not to worry about, our country is no problem, Japan, Germany is also the case. The key is the parts of the brush and carbon sheet, brush the use of materials and carbon sheet printing is in place, the relationship between the level of the potentiometer is high.

Potentiometer brush is currently used material is phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, foreign white copper. High-end is generally used beryllium copper. There are more high-end brush is the use of alloy wire, the price of alloy wire is very expensive. The carbon sheet is relatively more important because the carbon and silver layers of the carbon surface and the printing and the quality of the material have a good or bad diameter that affects the quality of the potentiometer. Of course, and production control and production environment has a certain impact. The key is the material and printing technology has a direct impact. At present the market above a lot of users require resistance symmetry. An optoelectronic encoder is a sensor that converts the amount of mechanical geometry and displacement on the output shaft by light and electrical signals into a pulse or a digital sensor. The optocoupler is a grating disk and a photodetector Combined, in the photoelectric encoder, has its unique application circuit, it has a good performance, in the measurement of the angle, when measuring the distance can have a strong anti-interference ability, but also to make it a stable pulse Signal, so that the pulse signal can be converted into a digital signal for measurement after statistics.

Many car-driven simulators can also use optoelectronic encoders as sensors, which can measure the rotation angle of the steering wheel, and its output circuit is a set of open-circuit type, with a certain output resolution, since the steering wheel of the car is bi-directional, clockwise And counterclockwise can be rotated, before the need for the output of the encoder signal to identify its phase. When the photoelectric encoder clockwise rotation, the channel A output waveform ahead of the channel B output waveform 90 degrees, D trigger output Q (waveform W1) is high, Q (waveform W2) is low, the above non-door open (Waveform W3), sent to the bi-directional counter 74LS193 plus pulse input CU, with the addition count; At this point, the following non-door closed, the output is high (waveform W4). When the photoelectric encoder counterclockwise rotation, the channel A output waveform than the channel B output waveform delay 90 °, D flip-flop output Q (waveform W1) is low, Q (waveform W2) is high, the above non-gate (Waveform W4), sent to the bi-directional counter 74LS193 minus pulse input CD, with the subtraction of the way to count. In this case, the output is high,