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Velocity Sensor Great Prospects

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Velocity Sensor Great prospects

China sensor market size

Consumer electronics, smart phones, tablet PCs almost become essential for most people, in view of the part of the product base is relatively large, the future growth rate will be slower, but the absolute number of demand will be great, the field will become the sensor market A stable demand for power, the rapid development of new electronic products will become a new demand in the field of consumer electronics strength. In recent years, the domestic sensor market continued to grow rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. In 2011, the size of the sensor market was 48 billion yuan, reaching 51.3 billion yuan in 2012, reaching 64 billion yuan in 2013 and more than 80 billion yuan in 2014.

Market structure

Sensors by the huge prospects of the impact of China's sensor companies are also increasing, mainly Chinese laborers, Suzhou solid technetium, Dali technology.

In the sensor technology side, China's enterprises have mastered the low-end sensor research and development technology, and gradually in the high-end areas to expand.

And foreign gap for our growth provides space, but also pointed out to, and China in the past few years in the electronic information technology has also made rapid development of the face, so in the huge market demand stimulation, in many local enterprises Of the participation of the Chinese sensor enterprises is expected to achieve remarkable results.

development stage

With the electronic technology, materials technology, physical technology, chemical technology and other aspects of the technology, the sensor is still the traditional to the new direction.

The new type of sensor is mainly embodied in miniaturization, intelligent, digital, multi-functional, systematic, network and so on. These features of the new sensor is the result of the evolution of sensing technology, but also the requirements of the new era of intelligent sensing technology.

Driving Factors

First, the market driven.

With the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other emerging industries, the rapid development of the sensor industry has also ushered in a huge opportunity for development.

Information technology and intelligent promotion of the sensor industry to bring a huge market in the intelligent agriculture, intelligent industry, intelligent transportation, building energy efficiency, intelligent environmental protection, smart grid, health care, intelligent wear and other fields, the sensor has a broad application space The Second, technology pull.

In recent years, domestic and foreign sensor technology research and development institutions and investment are increasing, sensor technology has also made rapid development.

With the success of advanced sensors, new sensors, low cost, high performance sensors, the cost of sensor applications will continue to decrease, the application effect will continue to improve, thus driving the sustainable development of the sensor industry.