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Velocity Sensor Product Features

Sinocera Piezotronics, INC | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

Velocity Sensor Product Features

Automotive products is a highly integrated final product, which is different from ordinary products, is built on a large socio-economic system project, the need for specialization, socialization, and the need for related industrial products and supporting. In recent years, the automotive consumer market in China's rapid expansion, so car manufacturers have to expand their production scale to adapt to this huge market.

Automobile production process point of view, in recent years, the domestic automobile manufacturing industry, a substantial increase in the level of automation, the obvious trend to improve the assembly accuracy and improve production efficiency. As a means of positioning and detection, a variety of sensors have been popular to all aspects of the production line, especially in the depot is widely used in positioning the inductive sensor, real-time monitoring of the entire line of running status. But the face of different manufacturers on the market, multi-series sensors, how to choose the most suitable for automotive applications in the field of products, become the key.

Discussion on Product Characteristics of Inductive Sensors

For inductive sensors, we are not unfamiliar, is used for close positioning of metal objects in a common way. Because it is mainly through the Hall effect to complete the test, it is also known as the Hall sensor.

The internal structure is composed of two parts: the front end is composed of the core which is wound around the transmitting and receiving coil; the rear end is the circuit part, and the whole is encapsulated in the plastic or the metal shell. When working, the electromagnetic core part of the alternating magnetic field, the surface of the metal surface near the eddy current effect, thereby weakening the LC oscillation circuit, the amplifier circuit part of the analysis of the electromagnetic core receiver coil weak LC oscillation circuit changes, and give the corresponding output.

Different dimensions, the rated detection distance is generally up to 100mm. Under normal conditions, the manufacturers for its nominal detection distance in the laboratory conditions measured under the rated detection distance. Practical application, taking into account all aspects of environmental factors, the reliable detection distance of about 80% of the rated detection distance, but for the measured object is a certain requirement. Due to the application of the site of the measured material permeability and size, under normal circumstances can not meet the requirements of the standard measured object, then the sensor detection distance will be further attenuation, which is a lot of users feel the inductance sensor detection distance than the manufacturer Nominal little reason for a lot. In this case of non-standard testing, the manufacturers and their different series of products vary widely. In addition, there is a difference in terms of resistance to electromagnetic interference, ambient temperature, voltage disturbance, and installation requirements.

Choosing the right sensor will greatly enhance the stability and reliability of the equipment operation and also maximize the possibility of reducing the sensor's failure or damage and reducing unnecessary maintenance inputs. Automobile manufacturing industry in the production process, the extensive use of inductive sensors as positioning detection, how to choose the most suitable for this industry products, it is particularly important.